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一份获胜的设计方案 新的修建地标



阿姆斯特丹修建公司ZJA宣布了一份获胜方案,该方案设计了一个新的修建地标和比利时海岸上的“沙丘景观”。作为Nautilus财团的一部门,该设计旨在将修建与Middelkerke市周围的景观无缝毗连。该项目还希望在洪水风险治理方面发挥作用,并使海堤不再有汽车通行,以毗连埃佩尔内广场和大海。Amsterdam-based architecture firm ZJA has unveiled the winning proposal for a new architectural landmark and "dune landscape" along the Belgian coast. Submitted as part of the Nautilus consortium, the design aims to seamlessly connects the building with its surrounding landscape in the municipality of Middelkerke. The project also hopes to work on flood risk management and make the seawall car-free to connect Epernay square to the sea.团队设计了新的赌场修建和景观设计,重新诠释了沿海城镇与大海的历史关系。


该设计被委员会选为设计与制作竞赛的获胜者。市长Jean-Marie Dedecker说:“这个项目,使海岸的修建群越发富厚了,它准确地代表了Middelkerke的特征。”“它转达了气力、岑寂和成熟,以及对大海和沙丘的热爱。”此外,该项目可能意味着Middelkerke镇中心更新的开始,成为一个吸引人居住和观光的地方。

”The team made the new casino building and landscape design to reinterpret the historic relationship of the coastal town with the sea. The design was selected by the council as winners of the Design & Build competition. “With this project our coast will be enriched with a new architectural anchor, that accurately represents the character of Middelkerke”, according to the mayor Jean-Marie Dedecker. “It transmits strength and soberness as well as sophistication, with a lot of love for the sea and the dunes. In addition, this project may mean the beginning of the renewal of Middelkerke’s town centre as an appealing place to live and visit.”修建项目包罗一个新的运动大厅、餐厅和赌场,将位于沙丘下完全透明的立面后面。在修建中,多功效运动大厅为音乐会、展览和运动提供了空间。设计团队计划使用接纳质料,并制定更高效的生产流程。

沙丘的最高处围绕着海滨,可以看到北海和日落的全景。The building program includes a new event hall, restaurant and casino that will be situated behind completely transparent facades under the dune. In the building, the multifunctional event hall offers space for concerts, exhibitions and events. The design team plans to use recycled materials, as well as specify more efficient production processes. Embracing the waterfront, the highest point of the dune landscape will offer panoramic views of the North Sea and the sunset.Middelkerke委员会选择了由开发商Ciril、首席设计师ZJA(修建)和DELVA(景观修建)、OZ(赌场和旅店设计)、执行修建师事务所Bouwtechniek以及承包商Furnibo和Democo配合互助的Nautilus财团作为赢家。


他们由COBE、VK Engineering、Beersnielsen、Witteveen+Bos、Plantec、MINT和Sertius的专家协助。The Middelkerke council selected the Nautilus consortium as the winner, a collaboration between developer Ciril, chief designers ZJA (architecture) and DELVA (landscape architecture), OZ (casino and hotel design), executive architect Bureau Bouwtechniek and contractors Furnibo and Democo. They are assisted by experts from COBE, VK Engineering, Beersnielsen, Witteveen+Bos, Plantec, MINT and Sertius.区位图示意图修建师:ZJA所在:比利时本文泉源于搜修建,仅作分享学习交流,如有侵权,请联系小编删除!。



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